snorkeling trip Snorkeling and Scuba Diving while on a Dolphin trip

in the Bahamas aboard the DOLPHIN DREAM.

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Welcome SCUBA Divers and Snorkelers!

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Scuba diving trips in the Bahamas aboard the liveaboard "Dolphin Dream"... More at

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Dolphin trips are mostly snorkeling but we may do a couple of SCUBA dives during the trip.

We give you quality reefs and big animal encounters. Most of our trips are to western edge of The Bahama Banks where the reefs are fed by the super warm and clear waters of the Gulfstream. On this edge is the transition zone from deep to shallow waters with towering coral seascapes. These reefs have incredible bio-diversity and prolific fish life, both large and small. You will be immersed in awe-inspiring mounds and canyons covered by both hard and soft corals, sponges, and gorgonians of nearly every size and color. There are big schools of fish swimming over the reef like jacks, grunts, wrasse and chromis. You will snorkel and dive reefs covered with schools of tropical fish, such as Angel fish, Parrot fish, Grouper, Damsels, Gobies and more. Almost all the species of Caribbean tropical fish can be found on these reefs. Also common are Loggerhead turtles sleeping under ledges, and Hawksbill turtles feeding on sponges.

The Bahama Banks boasts a thriving population of both dolphins and sharks. Wild Spotted Dolphin and Bottlenose Dolphin, are friendly, smart and love to play with people. it makes for a once in a lifetime snorkeling experience.

The Dream Team makes snorkeling and scuba diving on the Dolphin Dream easy. We provide the extra service to give you the most fun and safest trip possible. The crew helps you with your gear, helps you in and out of the water, helps with cameras, and helps with bottom times, anything you need, we are there to help.

Have fun and leave the work to us.

Muriel's Garden

This site is our Carribean Reef shark feeding dive, home to 7 sharks. The reef is a long strip that is oriented North-South. It is surounded by a white sandy bottom. On the eastern side it is about 50' and on the western side it is about 75'. The top of the reef averages about 35-40'. The most beautiful part of this reef is by far it's abundant and diverse sponge and soft coral gardens. Hawksbill turtles hang around here feeding on the sponges. This is truly a color-filled spot in the ocean with many friendly creatures to visit.

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