Dolphin Dream Swim With Wild Dolphin.

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The Absolute Best way to Encounter Dolphins. Swimming and snorkeling with wild friendly dolphins in their natural environment.

swim with wild dolphins

Playing a game with seaweed!

Make a swim with dolphin dream, come true with the Dolphin Dream Team!

Wild Dolphin interaction and encounters! We know, respect and play with the dolphins like no one else and the dolphins know this! They enjoy our companionship over any other group or operation. Our repeat customers come back year after year after year because they know we facilitate the very best in wild dolphin swimming.

Only with the Dolphin Dream Team do you stay on board the M/V Dolphin Dream, in the dolphin area, day and night! All accomidations, food, beverage, activities, taxes included and provided for you.

wild dolphin

Join us for a week-long adventure cruise aboard the Dolphin Dream, for a friendly, intimate, eye-to-eye snorkeling encounter with wild Spotted Dolphin.

Departing Florida for small group cruises to the warm crystal clear blue waters of Bimini, Bahamas to visit the most friendly wild dolphins in the world!

No international flights needed for USA, no domestic flights needed for the southeast US, just drive down!

Booking Now!.

2022 Dolphin Season

May through August

Info Request Form

swim with dolphin

E-mail; or 001-561-351-9354, Whats App 001 561 635 5065

Looking for SHARK trips? See our Shark website.

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